We value the efficiency, quality and rigor of our services and products
Our main activity is offset and digital printing.


With state-of-the-art equipment we solve all the needs of our customers, from prepress, offset / digital and post-print.

We mainly produce intermediate and final consumption materials for all sectors of activity, such as commercial printing, transport documents, catalogs, brochures, flyers, posters, magazines, labels, bulletins, reports, mailings, etc.

Throughout our existence the company policy has always been to try to understand, and respond to the needs of the market, maintaining and even improving the level of satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and employees.

Through the Continuous Improvement process of our products, processes and the Quality Management System itself, our company aims to satisfy and exceed the needs and expectations of customers.


We at Tecnicromo have the mission to grow our position in the graphic arts market

To contribute to the projects of our clients become a reality, creating customized technological solutions and generating competitive advantages, protecting the environment and the human and professional quality of its employees.


To be recognized nationally and internationally as a benchmark of customer relationship activity in terms of operational efficiency.

Leading the graphic arts industry, we stand out for the excellence of the products and services provided and for the focus on the satisfaction and professional development of the employees, generating the right return for the organization.


To achieve this, we define six basic values that will be our long-term focus:

  • Quality and Rigorcreating value continuously improving performance and Market Orientation promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Credibility and Excellence: responsibility and respecting the principles of a sustainable economic growth, and social and environmental development friendly company;
  • Competence and Ambition: motivation of Human Resources creating conditions for the success of the Organization.

Our commitment translates into the union of the best of technology with the rigor of knowledge of specific and scientific areas of knowledge. Our philosophy is based on innovation as a knowledge engine and a tool to help all those who work daily in the areas of Graphic Arts.

We sell high quality products to the national and international markets.


Our main clients are located in the national territory including the autonomous regions. Although part of the production, it is intended to be incorporated into final products and subsequently exported by the customers themselves.

These are about 300 companies with whom we maintain regular supplies, covering various market areas, from the photographic, textile, food, clothing, hotel, etc. industries, including also trade, services and transport.

In the preparing of all works, the Tecnicromo – Artes Gráficas, Lda., takes into account all legal and regulatory requirements when applicable.

Norm NP EN ISO 9001
Certification FSC® / PEFC

Com esta certificação passámos a comercializar Produtos Certificados FSC® e PEFC.

The products (of forest origin) marketed under this name are guaranteed from well-managed forests that offer environmental, social and economic benefits.

Um importante indicativo de qualidade, é a nossa certificação Norma NP EN ISO 9001, adquirida em 2005.

This certification demonstrates the company's concern to adopt internal standards and procedures for product quality, organization and customer service.