High quality products with finishes that make all the difference.

We manufacture products directed to all type of industry.

Mainly focused on the industries: photographic, textile, food, clothing, hotel, trade and transport services.


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  • Capas de Arquivo, Capas com Argolas, várias furações
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  • Estampagem Digital Dourado e Prateado (sem gravuras)
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  • Corte / Vinco / Picotado 
  • Colocação Automática de Fio em Etiquetas
  • Machine varnish | U.V. general and located
  • Plasticização brilho / mate / veludo
  • Application of prints
  • Magazines stapled with wire stitches and stitched
  • Colocação de agrafos normal e omega (arquivo)
  • Covers / blocks with spiral or rings
  • Hardcover catalogs with sample windows
  • Self-adhesive labels on paper, transparent or opaque vinyl




Digital processing with qualified human resources, pre-printing has the possibility of solving all the problems inherent in graphic works, composition, retouching of images, insertion of contents, application of variable data, adaptation of final arts, etc.

Com as mais recentes aplicações gráficas pode receber todo o tipo de ficheiros informáticos.

Essencialmente os programas utilizados são ADOBE.

Dispomos de Provas de COR CERTIFICADAS  GMG

Offset printing

Offset printing

It is an indirect printing process, that concsits, in the ink passing through an intermediate cylinder, before reaching the surface. This method has become mainstream in the printing of large runs. Equipped with Heidelberg machines with 5 colors plus varnish.

The composition of the special color paints and pantones is made with a specific application of Pantone.



This sector consists of specific equipment for all types of finishing: cut and crease, folding, drilling, collation, stapled magazine (with two points of wire or omega) with direct finish and trilateral cut, serrated and broached finish.



Several shipment types are available, with different delivery times nationally and internationally.

Entrega da mercadoria nas instalações do cliente, é efetuada num raio de 50 km, em relação às nossas instalações,

Special deliveries and means of transport other than those normally used will incur additional costs.

All jobs are identified with labels indicating quantity, product and customer

The packaging is made in retractable and in quantities previously specified by the customer.